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Are you in doubt of your umbrella company? 🧐
Your payslip will reveal all. 🔮

Make sure your umbrella company is compliant.
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The contractor's buddy you need! 🥸
It checks and highlights all information in your payslips, helping you understand, track and spot any unlawful or unfair practices.
Income Viewer

Understand your income like never before

  • Get valuable insights

    Total take-home pay, pension contributions, real umbrella cost...

  • Anticipate your take-home pay

    Project your income for the year with confidence, plan your holiday and contracts.

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On Your Side

Empower yourself

  • Spot fraud and fight it!

    From disguised remuneration schemes to pay skimming or mini umbrella fraud, our AI will fully audit your payslips and detect any type of fraud that could put you at risk.

  • From 2016 onwards

    Audit any payslip from April 2016 and make sure your umbrella company was/is fair and compliant.

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Umbrella Worker Benefits

Get the benefits, without the risks

  • Your Umbrella, your choice

    Automatically share weekly payslip audit reports with your agency and end-client to prove the compliance of the umbrella company you choose and that you can continuously monitor with our payslip checker.

  • Keep your rights and benefits

    Enjoy the benefits of staying under the same umbrella company: maternity/paternity pay, sick pay, continuous employment record to secure loans and mortgages easily, etc...

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