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  • Umbrellaphant

    Umbrellaphant logo

    Our dedicated team has been providing support to contractors and agencies for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on service and go above and beyond, not only because we care, because we know that payroll is important to the UK’s flexible workforce. Our priority is ensuring you are paid correctly and efficiently. We offer same day faster payments as standard.

    We use our expertise to provide a leading umbrella service which is SafeRec Certified and FCSA accredited. We make sure you are up to date with legislation changes and provide the support and knowledge you need to succeed. Our compliant Umbrella service is provided with a low fixed margin enabling contractors to take home as much as possible.

  • ForeTwo Group

    ForeTwo Group logo

    A team of experienced industry professionals who are passionate about our core values, the temporary recruitment industry and of course, the flexible workforce market in the UK. Collectively, we bring together over 90 year’s industry experience from across the recruitment, contractor payroll and contractor accountancy sectors. We’ve worked with some of the largest and most established players in both the UK and international payroll markets. We bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding – but most importantly, we bring a fresh approach to our duty of care – because we care.

  • A Pay Services

    A Pay Services logo

    Compliant and efficient umbrella company with extensive experience within the construction industry

  • Honest Payroll

    Honest Payroll logo

    Your trusted partner, experts in Legislation, Contracts, Insurances and Payroll. Honesty and transparency are at the heart of our operations and with over 25 years experience in contractor engagement, we get it. We offer a tailored and consultative approach to our workers, agencies and end clients and we'll be your first point of contact for any advice or guidance you need.

  • AJ Rayson Limited

    AJ Rayson Limited logo

    We are A J Rayson the umbrella company of the people . Easy and stress-free umbrella payroll services for contractors, agencies and businesses.

    You, the worker, are at the heart of everything we do!

  • Compass Contracting

    Compass Contracting logo

    Compass: the candidates choice for umbrella payroll Compass provides a range of employment and engagement solutions including PAYE options such as umbrella and PEO, plus more specialist self-employed contract solutions including CIS and Limited Company engagement, including overseas contracting and payments. We are fully accredited by Professional Passport and enjoy industry leading customer satisfaction scores. Find out more at www.compasscontracting.co.uk or call 03333 660 028

  • Contractor Umbrella

    Contractor Umbrella logo

    Winner of ‘Best Umbrella Company’ at The Contracting Awards 2019 and 2022 finalists. Contractor Umbrella was established in 2001, as one of the most trusted, longest standing umbrella companies in the UK, we ‘guarantee’ our employees peace of mind, absolute compliance and complete security.

    • You can chat with us by phone, email or via our Livechat.
    • Fully accredited by FCSA, so you can rest assured that you are working with a compliant business.
    • New contractors can register online in just a few minutes.
    • You will have your very own dedicated Contract Manager.
    • Make tax and NI savings by contributing a portion of your earnings into our company pension or your personal pension fund/SIPP. • Same day payments offered as standard, every working day.
    • Fixed margin rate and we only deduct our margin when we are paying you.
    • We offer a Service Guarantee to ensure that you will be looked after at every step of the way.
    • Contractor Umbrella offer an employee rewards scheme which includes a fuel discount card, foreign currency exchange, contractor accommodation, contractor mortgages and much more.
    • Included is a comprehensive £20m insurance package.
    • Contractor Umbrella employees are entitled to 5.6 weeks of holiday each year.
    • Flexible limited company accountancy - when you sign up to our sister company Dolan Accountancy’s monthly accountancy package (£105 + vat).

  • Atom Freelance

    Atom Freelance logo
  • Churchill Knight Umbrella

    Churchill Knight Umbrella logo

    Churchill Knight Umbrella was established in 2016 to provide a reliable PAYE payroll service for contractors affected by IR35 changes. Since we launched, Churchill Knight Umbrella has quickly become the umbrella company of choice for thousands of temporary workers throughout the UK.

    Registering with us is easy and can be completed in under 10 minutes. And, once the registration process is complete, our dedicated customer support department is on hand to provide answers to any questions you may have. We understand how important communication is and for you to feel confident with our service.

    There is more to Churchill Knight Umbrella than just payroll. You can benefit from the following at no additional cost:

    • Easy Registration and registration process (it can be completed in just 10 minutes)
    • £25 million insurance package
    • Same Day Faster Payments
    • Employee Benefits, including Sick Pay and Maternity/Paternity Pay
    • No tie in period, and no joining or leaving fees
    • Access to Churchill Knight Rewards* – our exclusive employee reward scheme.
    • Fully compliant payroll (PAYE) – we’re proudly accredited by the FCSA.

    *Available for clients who opt for the Churchill Knight Umbrella premium service only.

  • Rocket PAYE

    Rocket PAYE logo

    Award winning, forward thinking payroll provider, putting workers first at all times

  • Omnia Outsourcing Ltd

    Omnia Outsourcing Ltd logo

    Omnia is your professional, compliant Payroll Partner providing a range of outsourced services to help with the management, retention and well-being of your temporary contractors and permanent staff. Omnia are also FCSA accredited for both CIS and Umbrella PAYE.

  • Umbrella Company UK

    Umbrella Company UK logo

    Umbrella Company UK was launched in 2019 and has revolutionised the way contractors and freelancers are paid through an umbrella company. We live in a digital world, and we wanted to modernise the umbrella experience. How did we achieve this? We introduced a state-of-the-art app. The app is intelligent. It will allow you to submit their hours and view your payslips – all while on the go!

    We’re relatively new on the scene, but we have already received exceptional feedback from our clients. When you join us, you’ll be able to take advantage of:

    • Our state-of-the-art app (meaning you’ll have hardly any administration) • Easy sign-up process • £25 million insurance package • Same Day Faster Payments • Employee Benefits, including Sick Pay and Maternity/Paternity Pay • No tie in period, and no joining or leaving fees • Access to Umbrella Company UK Rewards – our employee discount scheme* • Fully compliant payroll (PAYE) – we’re proudly accredited by the FCSA.

    • Available for clients who opt for the Umbrella Company UK premium service only.
  • Navigate People

    Navigate People logo

    Navigate People was created and is managed by a team of conscientious and dependable people who have seen a real gap in this market for genuinely excellent proactive support in delivering umbrella, PEO and CIS sub-contracting focussed on providing first class service and real added value for both workers and recruitment businesses. As workers and agencies increasingly want to know where to find the best value added benefits packages, including, for example, Personal Accident cover and fuel discounts for workers, we are constantly looking to improve our offerings for the benefit of all who work with Navigate People.

  • We Contract

    We Contract logo

    We Contract are one of the top compliance orientated employment intermediaries and professional service providers to the recruitment industry. We employ 1000’s of short term contracting workers, in all industry sectors, all over the UK and abroad.

    We were established in the UK in 2013, operate from offices in central Chester and have held full FCSA accreditation since 2017, being one of the earliest adopters of the industry gold standard.

  • Orca Pay Group

    Orca Pay Group logo

    Orca Pay Group is more than your typical UK umbrella company, our partnerships are built on compliance, honesty, transparency and a wealth of industry expertise. By combining cutting-edge, HMRC-approved technology with an attentive approach and modest umbrella company fees, we ensure we are the best umbrella company for contractors seeking straightforward, risk-free, and cost-effective engagements.

    We pride ourselves on being a UK umbrella company that truly values its employees, for whom our rigorous processes guarantee fair tax treatment and full provision of rights, paving the way for continued, fruitful engagements.

    We are immensely proud to be the first UK umbrella company to offer all of our umbrella employees full and transparent payslip audits on a payroll-by-payroll basis, ensuring that our umbrella employees can see that they have been paid correctly and compliantly every time they are paid.

    This approach protects and ensures all holiday payments, pension payments and all deductions are calculated and paid to the penny. There is no better guarantee for a contractor, and why we are proud to live by our business motto, "Trust through transparency".

  • AGPayroll

    AGPayroll logo

    At AGPayroll we offer umbrella, CIS, Limited Company, and Fully Outsourced Payroll solutions with compliance at our heart.

    We leverage cutting edge technology to streamline your payroll options. Our team of experts has developed a state of the art payroll software, mobile app and portal to meet the unique needs of your business. Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at technology, we understand that every business is unique which is why we offer personalised support from our team of payroll experts. Whether you have a question about tax regulations or need assistance with complex payroll scenarios, our knowledgeable staff are here to help.

  • Big Fish Group

    Big Fish Group logo

    Big Fish Group - an authentic, dedicated, and compliant umbrella company you can trust. Big Fish Group Limited provides umbrella PAYE payroll, CIS and accountancy support services for contractors and UK recruitment agencies. We are a well-established and credible umbrella company that challenges the traditional stereotype of what an umbrella company does. We go about our business with a smile on our faces and a genuine passion for what we do.

    A female owned business who together have over 28 combined years of experience in the sector. We understand that credibility, reliability and compliance are the critical elements that contractors, agencies, and end clients need from an umbrella company. We’re a friendly yet straight-talking business committed to providing the services our contractors and agency partners need. We appreciate the things that matter to our customers, and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure we deliver. No matter what day or time it is.

    We live life to the full and work with a spring in our step and a glint in our eye, but we’ll never compromise on quality or compliance. Contractors can rest assured that our contractor payroll services ensure they get paid correctly and on time. Our agency partners can trust us to provide their contractors with unrivalled customer service and support, especially out of hours/ over the weekend.

    Our accreditation with Professional Passport means that we are independently audited each year to ensure our processes and systems comply with UK tax law and associated legislation. Our contractors and recruitment agency partners can rest assured that your welfare and reputation will always be our priority.

  • Advance

    Advance logo

    ADVANCE provides world-class service and works in partnership with recruitment businesses and their candidates, adding value throughout the contracting supply chain. ADVANCE continuously invests in its infrastructure and people to ensure every part of the contracting journey for both candidate & recruiter is efficient, simple, and reliable. Whether you’re a contractor looking for support or a recruitment professional who wants the very best for your candidates, ADVANCE has the solution.

  • Orbital Payroll Group

    Orbital Payroll Group logo

    We are an established payroll intermediary operating low-risk and compliant options for workers engaged through recruitment agencies.

    Our story has been created over 15 years by being fluid and adapting to various legislation and labour market changes, gaining accreditations and business awards, coping with economic shifts, navigating a pandemic and the new normal. Always evolving. We think we have some good things to talk about, some standard that you will have heard of and a few innovations that you might not have. We’d love to hear your story and to see if we can help you along the way.

    Orbital USP’s:

    • Compliance and longevity – We offer honesty, integrity and a commitment to compliance since 2008

    • Get the Badge in! – We are both FCSA and Professional Passport accredited

    • Don’t skim the details! – We are founder members of the WTT/SafeRec compliance certificate for pure payslip transparency through the supply chain

    • Multi-channel Communications – Not just a phone or email…we have quicker ways to contact, quicker response times through WhatsApp, SMS, Live-chat, Messenger etc. Try it out: https://www.orbitalservices.co.uk/contact

    • Smart Pension Employee Benefits/Rewards – auto-enrolled workers can enjoy high street savings and perks

    • Digital Right to Work in the UK checks – fast and accurate checks through a certified IDSP

    • Multi-lingual staff – Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Romanian

    • Above the clouds – We have fully integrated cloud software for our internal CRM, payroll and worker-portal functions

  • Ellier

    Ellier logo

    Ellier offer a full payroll service to temporary recruitment agencies across the UK. We provide a complete honest and transparent Umbrella payroll, CIS payroll and joint employment service to our customers and contractors.

    With over 16 years’ experience in the industry, we understand our clients’ needs and believe in treating all customers equally no matter the size of their business. The team at Ellier focus on delivering excellent customer service and work together towards a common goal to make a difference in the industry.

  • Sandbeck Umbrella Ltd

    Sandbeck Umbrella Ltd logo

    We are a Payroll Company with a difference. We care and are here to help make sure your pay is correct. We have the knowledge and experience to get it right and ensure everything is being dealt with correctly.

  • Ricson Services LTD

    Ricson Services LTD logo

    Ricson Services was set up in 2004 to provide a professional and personal umbrella service to contractors in the UK temporary market. Run by Director/Shareholders who bring together experience of Customer Services, Payroll, HR, Health & Safety and Finance to provide clients with products and services that meet their needs.

    We provide umbrella employment services through our UK compliant companies Hapstone Ltd, Rowcastle Ltd and Zarlon Ltd.

    The Ricson Services Umbrella Company offers:

    All companies are registered in England and are fully compliant with UK tax laws Straightforward online registration process No joining or leaving fees and contractors only pay for weeks they work Same day payments as standard Professional Indemnity and Employers Liability insurance cover Sick, maternity & paternity pay (subject to qualifying conditions) Advance payments available Why not give us a try to find out?

  • ClockWork Contracting

    ClockWork Contracting logo

    At Clockwork Contracting, we are dedicated to providing first-rate services to our customers, and our aim is to make sure that working with us is an effortless and worry-free experience. Our unwavering focus on providing compliance, transparency, and the highest standards of customer service sets us apart from other UK umbrella companies. We are constantly striving to deliver the best umbrella services possible, while taking into account the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

    We are delighted to be among the pioneers in the UK umbrella companies sector that provide our umbrella personnel with comprehensive and transparent payslip audits at source so that our umbrella employees can verify that their salary has been paid out correctly and compliantly each and every time.

    “Precise Payroll – Run Like Clockwork”

  • Champion Contractors

    Champion Contractors logo

    Champion Contractors is a specialist division of Champion Chartered Accountants, providing accountancy and tax support services to freelance contractors throughout the UK.

    We understand the unique needs of contractors and deliver a bespoke service, which is tailored to their specific requirements. We have over 50 years of recruitment and accountancy experience which you will benefit from when using our umbrella/employment solution or contractor specific accountancy services.

    If you decide to join the Champion umbrella/employment solution, you will be entitled to statutory payments and insurances including a personal accident scheme at no extra cost. Other benefits include:

    • Continuous employment for all of your assignments
    • Fully accredited with FCSA
    • The option to make ‘Salary Sacrifice’ Pension Contributions (NO extra admin charge)
    • Same day payment as standard (NO extra admin charge)
    • Free access to Champion Rewards - offers potential savings of up to £200 per month (NO extra admin charge)
    • Champion Fuel Card – offers savings of up to 20p per litre at BP fuel stations (NO extra admin charge)
    • The option to be paid Weekly or Monthly – you choose!
    • Simple application process – online or over the phone
    • No Tie in periods or exit fees

    Along with partners from the employment law, insurance and financial service sectors, the Champion Contractors team proactively manage administrative burdens and assist clients to maximise their financial rewards, whilst ensuring that they remain compliant at all times.