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Our talented team is here to help you make the wisest choice when it comes to your umbrella company

About PayslipBuddy

It has been two decades where Umbrella Companies operated without contractors being able to check what was done with their pay!

Payslip Buddy gives leverage to contractors to ensure they are safe and they are paid what they are owed.

Why PayslipBuddy

In the UK, every single taxpayer (including you!) is responsible for paying the right amount of tax, but there has never been a tool that allows you to check until PayslipBuddy.

Over the past 5 years, many honest umbrella workers received letters from HMRC asking sometimes for tens of thousands of pounds in unpaid tax.

PayslipBuddy is the first contractor focused solution that helps you be protected against any kind of umbrella unlawful and/or unethical practice.

Our Values


We are all about thinking outside of the box: tackling compliance in a new inventive way.


We are unwavering in our support for those who choose to work with us.


We are all about displaying and promoting accuracy, trustfulness and compliance in an unbiased way.


Committed in heart and mind to bring 100% transparency in the contracting world.



Sebastien Sauca

- CEO -

Sebastien has been working in the recruitment industry for almost a decade.

Originally from France, he relocated to the United Kingdom after successfully completing 2 Bachelor's Degrees in Business and a Master's Degree in Human Resources.

Sebastien cut his teeth in a healthcare recruitment agency, where he started as a Resourcer and became the first in-house promoted Sales Director.

Outside of work, Sebastien is also an active globetrotter, musician and surfer who is always ready for the next adventure.


Jule Marcoueille

- CTO -

Jule has been working as a Software Engineer in the Research & Development and IT world for nearly a decade. After graduating from one of the most prestigious Multimedia Engineering schools in Europe; he was headhunted by a multinational company famous for its aerospace, defence and security building systems: Thales.

Jule is not only a brilliant IT Engineer who is able to develop and bring ideas to life; he is also a fine Project Manager who has the ability to lead people whilst being able to achieve any goal.

Jule is also an avid musician, always playing guitar between 2 lines of code.

Outside of work, you will find him on his bike cruising through the countryside. He is also the proud father of one little boy.